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I was attending an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout, sitting across the ring from UFC President Dana White.

That’s when I received a text from Dana that said, “Come over here now.” Great, I thought, what did I do wrong? When I got there, Dana immediately pointed to the big guy standing next to him and introduced me to The Rock.

You have full control over what you put out there.”I then explained that social media ultimately made his brand, and rough-around-the-edges charisma, more scalable in that he could reach more fans on a more frequent basis.

It also allowed him to do more good on a grander scale, and in the end, it could actually be enjoyable. Fortunately, staying in a comfort zone wasn’t his style.

Some content didn’t cause as big of a splash with any audience category.

Others caused a tidal wave across multiple audience categories.

DJ also remained creative and open to trying new ideas.

In a matter of a few weeks, we were able to create content templates for each audience group and determine which value buckets resonated with them the most.

Dana is convincing, but I could tell The Rock was nodding to be nice.“I have to tell you,” The Rock confessed, “I’m a very private man, and I’m really not comfortable blending my personal life with my professional life.”It wasn’t the first time I’d heard that sort of response, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Besides, any renegade knows that no risk worth taking is without some discomfort. During my time leading Digital Royalty, I’ve found that the most successful people and brands resolve to make the same trade-off. Fast-forward a year from our first meeting, and DJ enthused that embracing social media was one of the best things he ever did personally and professionally.

Fast-forward another six months, and DJ had become a leader in the social space with a higher retweet rate–the percentage of his tweets that are re-sent by his followers to their followers–than most other celebrities: 11 percent.

These templates encapsulated the specific types of content that that group most valued.

Although these were always prone to change given ongoing audience feedback and the activity reports we provided DJ, the adjustments were easy to make and the templates easy to update.

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He’s become a rare branding force in the global community with more than 9 million friends and followers who are as diverse as anyone else I’ve worked with. Today the amount of attention DJ gives to social media, along with his hands-on approach, is unmatched in the world of celebrity. DJ is successful with these communication channels because he’s dialed in and has fully and personally committed to delivering value to his audience.

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