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I will be contacting Symantec to get further info into the possible cause of this issue. I have a Windows 2003 SBS Premium Edition server with Veritas Backup Exec v9.1 that has exibited the exact same issues ever since we upgraded from Symantec v10.0.0.359 to v10.0.1.1000.It seems to be related to Volume Shadow Copies because when this was enabled on the server, it rebooted after every VSC ran.Well, it's T-2 hours before crash time, I'm going home, I'll let you know how badly it fails in the morning. I had the bsod issue on 2 Windows 2003 servers (don't have service pak1). I tested the symevent fix on one server and have run several backups. Well, at least it worked for me, I'm sure there's someone out there who it will not work on, but upgrading the symevent using worked for me. Thanks, Rick Johnston Rick Johnston Information Mgmt.If this doesn't work, I'm reverting to 9.0, or maybe I'll upgrade Veritas to a new Service Pack first. Did you know that Symantec (at least the licensing/tech support people) are only running version 9.x? Let the customers work out the bugs and crash their systems before upgrading! After updating the went from rev to rev I hope this helps someone else out there, now I've just got to find out why my liveupdate wont work. Yes replacing the symevent did fix the SBS 2003 blue screens for us. Step 2: Reinstall the version of Sym Event downloaded above Open a command prompt, and change to the folder where you downloaded the file. Systems Fargo, ND As promised, here is my current progress. No blue screen, just a straight reboot with no logs.Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. I have since uninstalled SAVCE 10 and reverted back to SAVCE 9.This seems to have fixed our problem for the interim.An Dy Ss1 : " Symantec System Center Windows Terminal Server, Terminal Server . Symantec System Center Terminal Server, Symantec System Center . I upgraded to Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition version 10 on my Windows 2003 SBS server late last week.

Migrating clients There are several ways to install the Symantec Anti Virus client software.

All other attepmts to fix this issue have failed at this point. My only other option is to uninstall SAVCE 10 and reinstall 9, but there is no guaruntee the problem will not remain. - Is the location to which you are backing up excluded (if it's a hard drive)?

- What's the last thing in the Event Log prior to the unexpected shutdown entry? Apparently there were some DLLS or some other shared files that SAVCE 10 modified.

It gets done with its preprocess fine, but the second it actualy tries to start the backup process, the server hangs and then reboots.

I read an article about a DLL becoming unregistered by the SAV install, I reregistered the said DLL but the problem still exists.

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I also hate how they changed the exclusions tab for autoprotect and custom scans... Are either of you seeing huge hidden files appearing?

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