Uncensored chat bot

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Uncensored chat bot

Reddit could be interesting but also provide some "interesting" data. See if they would be willing to let you gather data from public comments on posts.

This could also provide data from seemingly short and trivial conversations.

Also, natural language generation helps large supermarket chains to interact with specific data easier.

The managers receive customized story that involves analysis and prescriptive advice.

Use intelligent systems to generate analysis within seconds.

For example, business-to-business organizations use the artificial intelligence to dissect the entire clients’ data to detect weaknesses and improve performance.

Intelligent systems provide valuable answers with explanations what this data means.

For example, The Dedham has created AI technology that absorbs and handles mountains of different information.

These systems are able to quick assimilate thousands of documents and retrieve useful conclusion.I'm writing a 'chat bot' which works by reading a collection of real human chats and responds to input according to the most probable answers from the analysis of the human input, but i need a huge amount of real-life chats for the analysis. If you know any bot that works like that please let me know, i think clever bot is one you might be interested in this book its about a new method of making AI using databases.My personal chat history is not enough because i need a much more data for the probability analysis Is there any public source of real life chats open to the public in any format? It emphasizes the importance of interpreting and interacting with the data.We know that a huge amount of data appears online every day.

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Their features may be supplemented with a decision tree and an intelligent document builder.

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