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Looking for ANSWERS about abortion, fetal development, sex and more? ”, “Is abortion justifiable in case of rape or incest? How can ministries find the best candidates to fill positions?

Jesus was a friend to all types of people, even those with loose morals, wasn’t he?

The Social format doesn't use much content at all and is based around one forum that will be displayed on the main page.

This setting is used by the Weekly and Topics course formats, and determines the number of "boxes" down the middle of the course page.

Consider using Moodle to: To adjust your course settings, find the Administration block on your course homepage and click Edit settings. the Administration section of your course is only available to you (and the Moodle site administrator.) Students only see their own grades through the Gradebook in the Administration section.

In the Weekly format it specifies the number of weeks that the course will run, starting from the course starting date and displaying one block for every seven days.There are four assignment types in Moodle: A Choice activity is very simple - you ask a question and specify a choice of responses. When you add a new forum, you must choose one of four different types: a simple single-topic discussion, a free-for-all general forum, a one-discussion-thread-per-user forum, or a question-and-answer forum.Students can make their choice, and you have a report screen where you can see the results. Under "Force everyone to be subscribed", you can make the forum act like a list server, in that posting a message to the forum automatically sends an email to everyone who is subscribed. This module allows you to design and present quizzes consisting of multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions. Question types include Radial box, Check box, Rate (scale,) and text.All courses are created with Availability set to "This course is not available to students" so that the course will not appear on any course listings, except to teachers of the course and administrators.This allows the teacher to open the class when and if they want.

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A resource can also be any file you have uploaded, or any file you can point to using a URL.

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