Sex talk without accounts

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Sex talk without accounts

Below are several discussions and examples from various fields of medical science which are all only possible if emotions are physical, not spiritual, in nature.The neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine are both related to our mood.If the soul copies memories that are imprinted on to the brain, then, brain damage that affects memory will also affect the soul, and it appears that brain death itself would also remove the memories of the soul. The resolution of such philosophical problems lead to an immensely complex and improbable theory of how souls work.It is much more realistic to admit that the idea of a 'soul' makes no sense: Neurology and science has enabled us to understand the brain to such an extent that such an ethereal concept is no longer needed to explain anything.In all cases, the firing of neurones in these parts of the brains come before awareness and conscious choices are made.

This is all only possible if consciousness and emotions are all physical, with no need for soul theory.

If memory, behaviour and emotions are all controlled by the physical brain, what is a soul for?

Any free will it exerts is promptly overridden by biological chemistry hence why so many diseases have an uncontrollable effect on personality.

Let us look at just a few of the examples relevant to our discussion.

Using f MRI, scientists in the United States and Brazil have discovered that the region of the brain activated when moral judgments are being made is different from the region activated for social judgments that are equally emotionally charged. It] is not just that physical processes in the brain take part in thinking; they seem to be responsible for the deepest thoughts that are supposed to be the province of spirit rather than matter. The science is new (even if the idea of a physical basis of consciousness comes from antiquity) and it often takes a while for new discoveries to find their way into popular thinking - neophobia may play its part too. Stenger warns that "the implication that "we" are bodies and brains made of atoms and nothing more is perhaps simply too new, too disturbing, too incompatible with common preconceptions to be soon accepted into common knowledge", so, we, as scientists and enlightened readers, should always strife to spread the great depth of our scientific understanding of neurology and consciousness.

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Not only that, but the very formation (and loss) of memory is purely physical in nature.

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