Racial preference in dating study

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Racial preference in dating study

-- White women prefer white men; Asian and Latina women prefer them "even more exclusively" Are we collectively innocent of racism because no one can really choose who they’re attracted to, or are these results the symptoms of a greater societal ill?The very first post on Dollars and Sex asked the question: "Do Women Really Value Income Over Looks in a Mate?In the online dating data we are talking about today, for example, among whites, 49% of all women and 22% of men declare a preference for white mates while only 30% of black women and 8% of black man declare a preference for black mates.Asians are the only ethic group in which men’s same-race preference is (slightly) greater than the women of their race, with both close to 21%.It has been almost 50 years since interracial marriage became legal across the United States.

Even today’s singles continue to largely date within their own race." The research we talked about in that post also addresses the issue of interracial dating, so I thought it would be interesting to return to that paper again and ask a new question: Do women value ethnicity over income in a mate?As I wrote earlier this week, one of the reasons economists like to use dating Web sites for data on mate choice is that people often don’t act in a way that is consistent with their stated preferences.The average age of daters studied was 34, and the researchers looked at biracial individuals living within 50 miles of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.“Millennials are much more open to dating interracially, a lot of them come from interracial families,” said Allison Mc Grath, a Ph D candidate at Vanderbilt University and one of the researchers on this study.

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Say, for example, that I am asked the question “How tall does a man have to before you want to date him” and I respond that height doesn’t matter to me.

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