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Iron, bronze, brass, copper, silver, gold, aluminum, and tin may be used in pure form or combined to make alloys. The bracelet with the leaf mask in the center of this case is made from an aluminum alloy used in the engine blocks of the Peugeot mopeds that have been the most important means of transportation in Burkina Faso since the 1950s. 75) These metals may be forged, hot or cold cut, twisted, soldered together and/or cast.

Carvers still produce chairs and stools in the traditional forms.

Bwa and Gurunsi women wear anklets with images of spirits that protect them.

Mossi men once wore cast brass rings with images of the masks that guard their well-being.

The masks of the Nuna, Nunuma, Winiama and Lela are covered with patterns painted in red, black and white.

The two masks on the left have retained most of their pattern and color.

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If the old bird mask were to be danced again, it would be repainted.