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And don’t be surprised if your doctor won’t prescribe Aldactone because many don’t know about it, or they don’t believe it works for hair loss.Of course, though, other doctors think it’s a miracle hair growing medication. *Click Here To Get Hair Loss Hell Updates Via Email!And since I was told I have Androgenetic Alopecia, Aldactone is often prescribed to treat it. For someone that has PCOS, high androgen levels, or symptoms of excess androgens, maybe Aldactone would work better for stabilizing female hair loss (the medication is not to be taken by men).

Since my hair sheds too much every day, I thought this would help minimize my hair loss.My hair has been rapidly thinning for the past year or two, so I’m sure it would have gotten worse even if I wasn’t on the Aldactone. This myth has been perpetuated on the internet, and because so many thousands of women have taken Aldactone to achieve hair growth, that’s why I was so adamant about trying it.If I had to guess, I’d say the Aldactone did nothing. I have read some success stories about women that have regrown their hair after taking Aldactone, but there are just as many stories like mine – where the results are nonexistent. After seeing the hair restoration doctor last month, and having him tell me he didn’t see miniaturized hairs on my head, I am now questioning if my main hair loss problem is even genetic after all.I’m afraid I will experience a major shed in 2-3 months from stopping the Aldactone.Hopefully I won’t, since it didn’t seem to help keep any hair on my head, but you never know.

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I ramped my way up to 100mg a day of Aldactone for hair loss back in March, and I was on that until just a few days ago.