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When she got to the point where she felt like a "pressure cooker that was about to explode", she changed her name and began to dress publicly in more typically feminine clothes.

She lost some friends who couldn't deal with her true identity, and still faces discrimination daily.

We need to respect people for who they are."An estimated one in 2,000 babies is born with an intersex (or "unisex", as XXXora prefers) condition or a controversially named "disorder of sex development" (DSD).

This can include atypical genitalia, chromosomes or internal sex organs.

While she looked up to men who were "very feminised", she saw early on how society treated them."I remember as a child looking at newspapers and seeing Boy George described as 'Mr or Mrs Weird.' I thought, 'Fuck, that's me, I have to assimilate.' I thought no one would want me if they knew who I was.

A turning point came when I realised there were men who were attracted to me for who I was. Yet, there is still a huge taboo for those who choose to shun binary gender classifications.

She now wears her silver mask – first adorned after a failed cornea transplant left her unable to wear make-up on one eye – whenever she goes out, and it has become another emblem of life inside her silver box.

We need to establish that the middle biologically exists and is part of our world.One in every 2,000 babies is born intersex – and it's thought that doctors continue to operate on these newborns to 'assign' gender.Enter XXXora,a hermaphrodite artist with an impassioned campaign and an extraordinary life XXXora, a 33-year-old artist who lives in south London, has a way with words.It became the norm to operate on these children in the 1960s; in the belief that they were helping the child, doctors assigned their gender and operated to reinforce it – sometimes without the parents' informed consent.Although there are no comprehensive statistics on the number of operations still carried out, it is believed some babies and children will undergo such surgery in Britain this year.

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She made it and kept it at home for a long time until she gained the confidence to display it. In the past, XXXora has also worked on a series on androgynous superstars.

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