Handicapped dating services in manhattan

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Handicapped dating services in manhattan

At times, issuing offices or counties ran short of plates and plates would be diverted to where they were needed, sometimes breaking the intended issuing order.In late 1979, the state introduced new narrower dies that were to be used on the upcoming seven-character passenger plates.Most of the 'V' series of six-character plates used these dies (except for VS, VV, and the series issued in the original allocation), as well as series UYA through UYH, WXC through WXZ, WYX through WYZ, and WZA through WZZ.The new seven-character passenger plates started to be issued in late 1980.

Neither the ABC 123 nor the 1AB 234 formats were issued consecutively; e.g.When the 1AB 234 format made its first appearance in September 1988, the first serial numbers observed began with 6VB; this was because most plates with serial numbers from 2VA 100 through 9VZ 999 and 2XA 100 through 9XZ 999 were issued from new car dealers, which had exhausted their allocations in the ABC 123 format (roughly VAA 100 through VZZ 999 and XGA 100 through XZZ 999; XAA 100 through XFZ 999 were issued in Suffolk County as mail-out replacement passenger plates).By December 1988 other prefixes began to appear, again not in consecutive order, e.g.4AB 234 and 7TC 766 both could have been issued on the same day in 1989.This passenger format had left-side numbers from 2 through 9, with the number 1 not used to avoid confusion with the letter I.

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