Gift for 6 month anniversary of dating

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Gift for 6 month anniversary of dating

Even if the concert doesn’t fall on the exact anniversary date, grab tickets and spend the night rocking out to you both love.If you’re looking to spread the love, head to your local soup kitchen or another volunteering opportunity and spend your day together helping those in need.You will need a clear (and completely clean) glass bottle with a cork, some red rose petals, a little silver glitter, your love letter written on a small sheet of parchment and a few lengths of red ribbon.First, tip in the glitter slowly so that it forms the shiny sand at the bottom. Next, be very gentle while inserting the rose petals in.

Some are simple, some are more involved, and the prices and effort required vary—but all are decidedly not-lame.

Put the cork on and there you have a unique romantic gift for your girlfriend.

Can anyone actually resist the creamy goodness of exquisitely filled chocolates?

If you want to keep it minimalistic and are reserving your money for the first anniversary, you can always go in for one made out of sterling silver.

The charm bracelet will make a beautiful keepsake that she can wear everyday or on special occasions.

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You’ll both feel good about yourselves when you’re done. If your anniversary falls in the summer, head to a theme park and be kids for a day.