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No matter if it is Korea-Japan relations, Japan-China relations, or Russia-Japan relations, we can see America planting, instigating, and creating conflicts. After shooting them down, whatever it cost [compensation], just deduct it from the debt America owes. And obviously, China, Korea, and Japan all lack long-term vision in political intelligence, instead using conflicts first and foremost to divert attention from internal problems. Filed under: Auto Industry, Detroit, Ethnicity,humor, Short Story — blackhumouristpress @ am Tags: china, Detroit, detroit lions, detroit red wings, GM, humor, Humour, michael moore, occupy wall street, protesters It sounded silly at first as if someone was trying to be funny but it wasn’t a joke when a protestor by the name of Billy amassed people from all over North America and the world to occupy public space within the city of Detroit.900,000 vacant lots within the city limits of Detroit and to occupy a blighted big city sounded almost charitable.The unspoken words implies they don’t recognize China’s air defense identification zone.Then when did China recognize Japan’s air defense identification zone? America flies [in the zone] once, China flies back in return, and flies back once more, buy one and get one free.

Billy joined people in occupying parks in places like Oakland and New York Cityonly to be returned home by Billy’s father’s deep pockets when it came time to bail him out.At 6pm on November 26th, Washington time, the Agence France-Presse website published an article titled “US Sends B-52 Bombers to Challenge Chinese Air Defense Identification Zone”, mentioning an official of the American Department of Defense stating that two B-52 bombers belonging to the US Air Force have flown over the East China Sea without notifying Beijing in 25th, challenging China’s newly established “East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone”.The two B-52s flew for less than an hour in the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) unilaterally declared by China, and wasn’t intercepted by Chinese military planes.Production B-52B began to be outfitted for the army in June 1955, and subsequently expanded to 8 types: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H.Production of B-52s stopped in October 1962, with 744 bombers produced total.

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The AGM-86B is a small and light-weight subsonic cruise missile.

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