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Using seriation at our hypothetical junkyard sites, we will try to establish the chronology--the order in which the junkyards were used and closed.To start out, we will take a sample of the deposits in each of junkyards.You would expect a large number in one closed when 78s were popular and a small number again after 78s were replaced by a different technology.

Of all the music recording artifacts in our sample from Junkyard E, 10% are related to 45 rpm technology; 20% to 8-tracks; 60% are related to cassette tapes and 10% are CD-Rom parts.Archaeologists call this kind of behavior "curation" -- people then, just like today, like to hang on to old things.But you would never have any 78s in junkyards closed before they were invented.The seriation method works because object styles change over time; they always have and always will.A good example of a change in artifact type is the development of hand-held PDAs from those first enormous cell phones. As an example of how change through time works, consider the different music recording methods that were used in the 20th century.

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The same is true for 45s, and 8-tracks, and cassette tapes, and LPs, and CDs, and DVDs, and mp3 players (and really, any kind of artifact).

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  1. In Process_________________________________________ Online sources Australian and New Zealand78 label dates Early or historical sound recordings collections and other 78 & cylinder sites of interest The online discographical project Staunton, Ted. Der yidisher Gramofon: 78 rpm recordings of European Jewish music _________________________________________ Catalogs by company name A-D This section is limited to record labels beginning with the A-D.