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Miami, on the other hand, is a rich meld of citrus yellows and oranges, as bright as star David Caruso's hair.Yet with all the muscle-beach shots and balmy palm trees, grisly crime scenes are waiting to be dusted.The cast had settled comfortably into their roles, although some of these remained undeveloped.For the most part, the dialogue was designed to highlight David Caruso, who exudes a combination of virtue and professionalism. Episodes like Crime Wave and Pirated go overboard in showing waterlogged bodies.The audience learns more about the characters' backgrounds, and we finally find out what really happened to Lt.Caine's little brother, who disappeared while working undercover.The ocean and skies are shown in azure blue, while most of the exterior scenes in the city use orange and yellow shades.In this respect, CSI Miami draws from the 1980s series Miami Vice, noted for its innovative color schemes.

Finale Shocker: [Spoiler] Will Destroy Horatio’s Team! “I always thought it would be interesting to see what it would be like to work with someone you’re married to,” says Procter.The third season of CSI: Miami starts off with a bang (literally) as cast regular Rory Cochrane is killed in the line of duty.His death casts a shadow over the Miami crew, who have the courtesy to mention his name every few episodes or so.He also may have the biggest love for over-the-top dramatic pauses on television ("Because. Otherwise, the series had evolved both a successful formula and an effective visual style.The formula, derived from the original CSI, involved one or two cases per episode, both decided primarily by the evidence.

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The complete third season of the TV series CSI: Miami.

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